008 Collared Pratincole (Glareola pratin

Norfolk bird news May 2021

A Collared Pratincole was spotted flying east from Blakeney Point and was then seen over Cley and Salthouse before heading back west 20th. Presumably, the same bird was seen to fly north at Holkham Park 23rd.


Although Caspian Terns are virtually annual in Norfolk, the one found at UEA Broad, was the first seen in the Norwich area. It also dropped in at visited Whitlingham CP 16th. Presumably, the same bird turned up at Potter Heigham Marshes 18th-19th.


A Pallid Harrier flew south at Waxham and a little later south over Winterton and then inland of Scratby 3rd. A Black Kite flew over Leziate lake 2nd. A female Red-footed Falcon flew east past Weybourne & Sheringham 9th and possibly the same bird flew south at Winterton 10th.


Two White-tailed Eagles were seen over north Norfolk on 2nd and one of these was reported not to be from the Isle of Wight released bird. Its credibility was helped by it last being seen heading out to sea at West Runton, perhaps returning to the continent from which it had naturally came. Single Honey Buzzards flew over South Walsham 11th, Hickling Broad 13th, Blakeney Point 15th, Titchwell 27th and Stalham 24th.


A Great Reed Warbler was trapped, ringed and released Holme NOA 11th and a Richard’s Pipit was found on the grazing marsh the same day. A singing Great Reed Warbler was at Breydon Water 20th.


An Alpine Swift flew west along the north Norfolk coast. It was first found at West Runton 10.05am followed by Cley, Titchwell, Holme and then seen to head south-west at Old Hunstanton 11.51am 20th. A Red-rumped Swallow flew west at Burnham Over Dunes 9th, and another was at Titchwell 20th. A Red-throated Pipit flew west at Sidestrand 3rd.


There was a rash of Golden Oriole sightings. Many were simply seen heading past, usually in a westerly direction, but some stopped briefly and/or sang. Birds were seen as follows:  Wiveton 8th, Sidestrand 9th & 13th, West Runton 9th, three 10th, 23rd, 24th & 28th, Beeston Regis 9th and two 10th, two Happisburgh 10th, Inckleburgh Hill 10th, Cley 10th & 16th, Beeston Bump 16th, Stiffkey Campsite Wood 16th, Holkham Park 16th, between Methwold and Mundford 18th, Ingoldisthorpe at Brickley Wood 20th, Muckleburgh Hill 23rd, Felbrigg Hall 24th & 30th, North Elmham 28th and Melton Constable 26th.


A Bluethroat was in a garden at Gorleston 8th and a White-spotted Bluethroat sang at Strumpshaw Fen 23rd-27th. Two Bee-eaters found on wires at Overstrand were tracked heading west over Salthouse, Cley, Stiffkey and Titchwell 27th. A Bee-eater initially seen flying west over West Runton was then spotted over Weybourne, Salthouse, Cley, Burnham Overy Dunes and Scolt Head Island 28th. A Bee-eater flew over Newton Flotman and Blakeney Point 29th.


A Rose-coloured Starling was at Blofield 21st and at Blofield Heath the next day. A Hoopoe was at Kings Lynn 17th. Single Serins were seen briefly at Cley 13th, Holme 18th and Holt 20th. A Blyth’s Reed Warbler was on Blakeney Point 31st. A Marsh Warbler was at Burnham Overy Dunes 31st. There was a small influx of Red-backed Shrikes with birds seen at Cley 30th-31st, Horsey 31st and Winterton 31st. The Wryneck at Hickling Broad was there until 2nd. A Shorelark was at Choseley 3rd-4th. Several Grey-headed Wagtails were seen at various localities along the north & west Norfolk coast.


A Black-crowned Night Heron was at Filby Broad 7th and a Purple Heron flew north at Hickling Broad 10th & 28th-30th and it or another flew north over Filby Broad 31st. Four Glossy Ibises flew along the Ouse Washes at Welney, south into Cambridgeshire 20th.


Choseley was again the best spot for Dotterel.  A lone bird was there 3rd-7th and three were there 9th. Perhaps the same trio being seen the day before at Hockwold cum Wilton 8th.  The only other Dotterel flew north over Breydon Water 13th.


There were several Temminck’s Stint found including singles at Titchwell 3rd, Stiffkey Fen 2nd-14th, Hickling Broad 11th & 13th, Morston 13th, Cley 19th & 24th-25th, Salters Lode 23rd and two were at Wells 12th- 13th & 24th-26th. An Iceland Gull was seen at Scolt Head Island & Holme 13th King’s Lynn 17th and Titchwell 23rd and the one in Cley/Weybourne area was seen until 6th.

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