075 Eleonora's Falcon (Falco eleonorae) Mallorca Spain ES August 2019 DxO ccp2 crs 130dpi.

Norfolk bird news September 2022

The dark morph Eleonora’s Falcon was last seen in the area of NWT Hickling Broad, Waxham and Horsey 1st. Also frequenting the same area but being seen most regularly at NWT Hickling Broad was a juvenile Red-footed Falcon 5th-27th. A juvenile Pallid Harrier was at Holkham Freshmarsh 13th-15th.


A Red-flanked Bluetail was at  Trimingham 20th. A Red-rumped Swallow was at Salthouse 5th and a juvenile Rose-coloured Starling was at Thornham 6th. Single Red-breasted Flycatchers were at Scolt Head Island 10th, Winterton Dunes 29th and Holme Dunes 29th.


Single Icterine Warbler were at Gramborough Hill, Salthouse 3rd, Wells Woods 7th, Blakeney Point 24th-29th and Winterton 30th. A Barred Warbler was at Kelling Water Meadows 11th and at Overstrand 12th-13th and a Greenish Warbler at was at Warren Wood, Cromer and at Weybourne camp briefly 13th. A Wood Warbler was at Beeston Common 9th.


A Common Rosefinch was at the Blakeney Point 17th and briefly at NWT Holme Dunes 30th. Single Richard’s Pipits were at Kelling Heath 7th, NWT Holme Dunes 30th and one flew west at Cley 30th. The only Red-backed Shrike was at Holkham Freshmarsh from 25th. There was a handful of Wrynecks including single birds at  Kelling Water Meadows 2nd-10th, NWT Holme Dunes 3rd, Walsey Hills 4th, East Ruston 4th, Beeston Bump 4th-6th, Horsey 5th, Winterton 5th & 14th, Weybourne camp 5th, Salthouse, Gramborough Hill 5th, and NWT Hickling Broad 7th.


A Spotted Crake remained at Cantley Beet Factory until 9th. A Purple Heron was at RSPB Lakenheath Fen near Botany Bay by River Little Ouse 11th


A Pectoral Sandpiper was at Wissington Beet Factory 27th and an American Golden Plover flew south over Happisburgh 5th. A Grey Phalarope was on the pools at NWT Cley Marshes and Salthouse Iron Road 20th-22nd.


Single Honey Buzzards flew over Brancaster Staithe 7th, Winterton 16th and Breydon Water 19th.


Single Cory’s Shearwaters passed Scratby 7th, Sheringham 17th & 26th. A Black Guillemot was seen offshore along the stretch from Cromer to Sheringham 14th-17th. A European Storm Petrel lingered in the mouth of the River Great Ouse at Lynn Point 17th.


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