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The Peregrines of Norwich Cathedral

by Robin Chittenden

Still available but only the last few copies remain. The recommended retail price is £12.50, which includes postage & packing within the UK. You may be able to find it at a lower price on ebay.

Please pay by Paypal, cheque or postal order.


Please pay by paypal by clicking the link here

On the paypal webpage please enter the email address as and please enter the amount as £12.50.

Please confirm your postal address & we will then post you a copy.

Cheque/postal order

If you wish to pay by cheque/postal order please email and our postal address will be emailed to you. Once we receive your address details & payment a copy will be posted to you.




Birdwatch Magazine (December 2015)


'As you might expect from a photographer, the main event here is the photos, with the text being little more than captions. The images are undeniably stunning. There’s some seriously dramatic shots of juvenile birds in the air fighting over food, of an adult bird carrying a still-live Feral Rock Dove and of a Magpie mobbing the female.


The photos cover everything from food passes between the adult pair to birds at the nest, the juveniles learning to fly and finally moving on. There are also some lovely shots of the cathedral itself.


The book would make a nice souvenir for anyone who has visited the Norwich watchpoint, or serve as a way of experiencing these birds for those who haven’t'.



Birdwatching Magazine (October 2015)


'Above all, it's a visually appealing book - seeing the birds against the backdrop of the cathedral gives them the appearance of carvings sprung to life.'


Eastern Daily Press 'Weekend' section (page 33 10-16th October 2015)


'lovely book by Norwich photographer and founder of the long-running Birdline East Anglia, Robin Chittenden. He brings a lifetime's sense of observation to this volume that features more than 40 stunning images of the birds, complemented by fine images of the cathedral which help give 'pace' to the book and a strong sense of location.'

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